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Retail Nursery Special Visitor
Simply Indigenous Specialist Retail Nursery at Hartbeespoortdam is a multiple award winning retail nursery (GCA).

The nursery is set in an informal meander under the old Acacias and Rhus trees. The property lies in the transition zone between bush and grassland with the majestic Magaliesberg Mountain range to the north of the property and the Witwatersberge to the south. The Magaliesberg are amongst the oldest mountains in the world, almost 100 times older than Everest. The valley is very hot in summer with daytime temperatures in the high 30’s and early 40’s and very cold in winter with night time winter temperatures dropping as low as minus 10 degrees Celsius.

We are very fortunate to enjoy the local wildlife that roam freely on the property including yellow, white tailed and slender Mongoose, gray duiker, monitor lizards, bushbabies, amazing birdlife, numerous snakes including cobras AND we have been visited by a few wild exotics as well. They include an African forest buffalo, a pygmy hippo which fortunately did not develop a taste for any of our indigenous plants but who loved terrorising the dogs and even coming right up to the front door and an almost surreal encounter with two South American natives: a Capybara and a Patagonian Mara. They were both escapees from our neighbour’s menagerie and an absolute delight.

We pride ourselves on offering:

•  a professional service
•  Expert advice
•  Interesting and unusual plants
•  Good value

JULY & AUGUST 2017 – BIG DAYLILY, LOUISIANA IRIS, EXOTIC IRIS & AGAPANTHUS SALE at our retail nursery and via mail order:

Daylily Discounts:
SPEND R3000.00 and get a whopping 50% discount
SPEND R2000.00 and get a 35% discount
SPEND R1000.00 and get 25% discount
SPEND R500.00 and get 10% discount

Lousiana Iris Discounts:
SPEND AT LEAST R500.00 on Louisiana Irises and get 30% Discount

Exotic Iris Discounts:
(Neomarica, Iris Japonica plain and variegated, Iris unguicularis):
SPEND R300.00 on these exotic irises and get 30% Discount

Agapanthus Discounts
SPEND R500.00 on Agapanthus and get 50% Discount


We are now specialising in Bulbs (Indigenous & Exotic), Daylilies & Irises. We NO LONGER GROW TREES, SHRUBS OR GROUNDCOVERS but we do still have some  general indigenous plants left in our retail nursery at very good prices including beautiful Diospyros whyteana (bladdernut trees), Cotyledons, Plectranthus, Asparagus, Pelargoniums for general gardening like cucullatum, tomentosum, ionidiflorum and Geraniums and others.

As Bulb Specialists, we welcome online, telephonic and personal enquiries for Bulbs, Daylilies & Irises, BUT PLEASE DO NOT contact us requesting advice and quotes for trees, shrubs, succulents, thorny shrubs, exotics trees etc and this applies to the public, landscapers and plant brokers. You are welcome to visit our retail nursery and browse at leisure through the remaining tree and shrub stock we have (and there are some great bargains on offer).  If you would like a quote for bulbs, irises and daylilies, we will email you our price lists and we will gladly assist and guide the public and landscapers in selecting the most suitable species and cultivars for private gardens from townhouses to balconies and courtyards to the biggest landscaping projects as that is what we specialise in.

We have in excess of 350 different kinds of bulbs under propagation and many varieties can be planted at anytime of the year and left in the ground (many prefer not to be disturbed for many years) so even though many are seasonal bulbs, they do not require all the effort of having to lift and store when they go dormant.