We propagate a selection of Pelargoniums including tuberbous perennials, succulent and geophytic and scented leaves including:

Tuberous and Geophytic:
Pelargonium: oblongatum, barklyi, bowkeri, luridum, incrassatum, sidoides (3 varieties), reniforme (3 varieties), triste, moniliforme, caroli-henrici

Scented leaf & shrublets:
Pelargonium: sericifolium, exstipulatum, abrotanifolium (pink and white), englerianum, ternatum, scabrum, grossularoides, odoratissimum, denticulatum, hispidum, fruticosum, quercifolium, capitatum, graveolens, tomentosum, glutinosum, fragile, alchemelloides, multibracteatum, crispum, cordfiolium, cucculatum pink and white, hystrix, multicaule, myrrhifolium, magenteum, citronellum, zonale, gibbosum, crassicaule, betulinum, echinatum, pulchellum, hirtum, fragrans, fragrans variegated, crispum, tetragonum, tongaense, ionidiflorum

Pelargonium: crithmifolium, paniculatum, laxum, tetragonum

January 2016 – Please note the following regarding Geraniaceae plant and seed export.

We have very limited stock left of succulent, tuberous and geophytic pelargoniums. If you are interested, please request our export list asap. We do still have some Pelargonium seed left.  We are planning on sowing the bulk of our Pelargonium seed this autumn as the demand for Pelargoniums has increased tenfold over the past few years and we need to be able to offer a huge variety and have very large numbers of plants available in the future and be in a position to offer seed again in the years to come. So Pelargonium seed is still available for our export customers up until May 2016. We have decided that we will definitely continue with Pelargoniums in as big a way as we possibly can due to the demand but please bear with us.  Send us your details if you would like to be notified as and when Pelargoniums (and seed) become available.

The bushman candles (Monsonia previously Sarcocaulon) are another delightful addition to any patio, balcony, courtyard and rockery of a discerning gardener. We currently have 2 beautiful large specimens available of Monsonia vanderietiae in terracotta pots available in our retail nursery.  They would make an amazing gift for someone very special.

If you would like to receive our Geraniaceae lists or  be on our database, please send an email to Please specify your name and country.