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Indigenous Plants for a Tuscan-style Home

The ever-popular Tuscan home tends to have a more formal-style garden. Lavender, Conifers, standard Iceberg roses, lollipops, neatly clipped exotic hedges and even cycads have become the norm but there are many, many simply delightful indigenous plants that not only complement the Tuscan style, but are also much better suited to our climate & attract a multitude of birds and butterflies. Creating an almost fantastical garden in the valley around the dam is challenging at its best and many homes are not permanent abodes, thus requiring a selection of very tough plants. Although the permanently flowering fantasy garden might not always be achievable when the temperature varies from the upper 30’s to -10 degrees Celsius, it is possible to create a relatively low-maintenance semi-formal or formal, hardy, evergreen garden in this beautiful area. Read more..

The Indigenous Patio

Our glorious South African climate allows us to create a showpiece of our most beautiful flora in select containers on our patios and balconies. From fiery aloes and amazing succulents to free flowering, showy shrubs and fascinating bulbs with spectacular leaves and stunning flowers. There are many low maintenance container subjects but there are also certain plants that require a little more attention & not all plants are suitable container subjects, especially not many tree species & very thorny shrubs. Read more..

The Garden Wall – Indigenous Hedges & Screens

If there is one aspect of gardening that definitely requires some pre-purchase research, it is the selection of hedge or screen plants. Mistakes will not only be costly financially but by the time the hedge has started to take shape or in some instances, the lack of dense form, one might realize that this is not quite what was anticipated. So where do we begin? Read more..

Container landscaping with Indigenous Bulbs

Indigenous bulbs, the gems of South Africa are prized by collectors from the Pacific Rim to Europe. Once that bug has bitten, we cannot contain our sheer excitement each season when we keep our bulbs under constant surveillance to see the first of the winter growers sprouting in late summer and in early September, the summer bulbs heralding the arrival of spring. With such incredible diversity, how do we select the ideal bulbs for container landscaping, irrespective of where we live in the country? Read more..

Captivating Succulents

Succulents are often confused with cacti, the latter conjuring up images of the American and Mexican wild west. Cacti occur in the Americas and most are thorny. South Africa has only one true cactus namely, rhipsalis baccifera (the miseltoe cactus), and it does not resemble a cactus at all. Cacti are part of the succulent family, but all have a peculiar growth point from which spines, flowers and branches develop. Read more..