About Us here at Simply Indigenous Hartbeespoortdam

Simply Indigenous Hartbeespoortdam was established in 1997 to propagate rare and unusual plants. It soon became evident that there was a significant market shortage of indigenous trees, shrubs, groundcovers, aloes and bulbs, propagation was expanded to include all indigenous plants. The nursery became a popular first choice for many indigenous enthusiasts even from out of state. The marketing of indigenous plants locally was relatively unknown in the early years, we have been creative and innovative in the way we introduced a treasure chest of indigenous flora to South Africans.

A bulb and aloe mail order service was then introduced and expansion into the bulb export market followed. The latter proved increasingly popular over the last few years and we have decided that from mid-2011/2012 we will focus exclusively on Indigenous bulb propagation for the export market

Bulbs are our speciality and we endeavour to offer the widest range of South African bulbs
to the international market in the very near future

Our Services:

•   We offer a consultancy service for new specialist nurseries whereby we advise on marketing, product selection, retail layout, staff, sales, regulations
•   We have an extensive photo library, predominantly indigenous at this stage. Written permission to use any of our photographs is required and any photo may only be used for a specific publication or service. We do charge for the service of photo selection if required and producing a disc as well as any postage involved. We do not sell photos.

The Managing Team

Johann Nieuwoudt is the Nursery Manager and is responsible for production and retail sales. He is currently doing his Masters degree in Sustainable Agriculture at Free State University. He has a BA degree in Development Studies and Anthropology from the University of Johannesburg. He is past president of the Indigenous Plant Grower’s Association of SA. Besides a passion for all bulbs & daylilies, he has a keen interest in natural history, botanical photography, snakes, birds, books, ancient history, wildlife documentaries, remote places including the Russian far east – Kamchatka & Sakhalin, Soccotra, New Caledonia, the south Atlantic and Latin America.

Leigh Nieuwoudt (nee Ellis) is responsible for marketing, export and mail order sales and the administration of the businesses. She has an Honours degree in Political Science from the University of Johannesburg. She has an intense passion for South America particularly Brazil. She has a keen interest in writing, geo-politics, Latin American affairs, BRICSA, the Amazon, Andes, Conservation Patagonia & the South Atlantic.


Best Specialist Retail Nursery in South Africa

In 2004, we won Best Specialist Retail Nursery in South Africa! This accolade was the result of many years of dedication, enthusiasm and creativity
In 2006, 2007 & 2008 we won the prestigious GCA, Best Specialist Retail Nursery award again, the only indigenous nursery in South Africa ever to achieve to this.


Ixia pumilioWe show a keen interest in our customers, are brutally honest about what will grow where and are always offering new variety.

We believe in our product and we have embraced many challenges with unfailing commitment.