JULY & AUGUST 2017 – BIG DAYLILY, LOUISIANA IRIS, EXOTIC IRIS & AGAPANTHUS SALE at our retail nursery and via mail order:

Daylily Discounts:
SPEND R3000.00 and get a whopping 50% discount
SPEND R2000.00 and get a 35% discount
SPEND R1000.00 and get 25% discount
SPEND R500.00 and get 10% discount

Lousiana Iris Discounts:
SPEND AT LEAST R500.00 on Louisiana Irises and get 30% Discount

Exotic Iris Discounts:
(Neomarica, Iris Japonica plain and variegated, Iris unguicularis):
SPEND R300.00 on these exotic irises and get 30% Discount

Agapanthus Discounts
SPEND R500.00 on Agapanthus and get 50% Discount

 Refer to our Facebook page THE SA BULB COMPANY where we are posting regular updates and photos until our new website finally goes live.

* Our beautiful new website for THE SA BULB COMPANY is about 50% complete and so it should be live in August. This will also mark the end of Simply Indigenous and this website for us. We have come a long way with Simply Indigenous Hartbeespoortdam, almost 2 decades but the time has now come for our new business THE SA BULB COMPANY. When you visit our nursery, you will see the new boards outside the farm gate.

 Johann is now a certified Invasive Species Consultant – see our contact page for further details.

* SA Elle Decoration Magazine (Oct/Nov 2014 Issue) has featured us first in their list of the 12 Top Nurseries in South Africa! Thank You Elle!!!!

* If you are a prospective local,  South African customer, please see the notification on our retail page before contacting us regarding tree, shrub, hedge plant and general indigenous plant enquiries.

* If you would like to visit our retail nursery, please see our Contact page for our trading hours.

*  The SA Bulb Company has a Facebook Page and we thank everyone from around the world who are following that page and the ‘likes’ are growing exponentially, way beyond our expectations!!!!!

Our mission statement:

–  To promote a diverse range of quality, South African bulbs to the international market
–  To promote South African plants locally as a first choice, not just for their suitability but because they are unique and beautiful plants in their own right
–  To expand the propagation of rare and threatened species

simply incomparable in our selection of some of the finest summer and winter rainfall South African Bulbs

Boophone disticha frilly leaf Eastern Cape form

Simply Indigenous Nursery is a multiple award winning specialist grower, exporter and retailer situated on the south west corner of Hartbeespoortdam in North West Province, South Africa.

Indigenous bulbs with beautiful and interesting leaves are one of our specialities, some of which are featured in the accompanying photos and in other pages on this website.


 We have incorporated our new specialist bulb & daylily nursery The SA Bulb Company into this website for the interim.

The SA Bulb Company offers: 

•  indigenous and select exotic bulbs for the wholesale and retail markets both locally and abroad
•  occasionally we are able to offer seed of bulbs and geraniaceae for export
•  propagation of Geraniaceae for local and overseas collectors
•  select daylily cultivars & irises available to local retail and wholesale customers

Please note that we do not always have stock available of all the species displayed in our photo galleries on this website. The photographs serve to showcase the diversity of South African bulbs and the varieties we are growing. Stock levels vary particularly with regard to the very special rare and unusual which are seldom available in large quantities.  We welcome new customers from across the globe and thank all our customers who continue to support us.  We hope to have our new website fully operational by mid-year!

News flashes announcing Sales, specials & New arrivals/First Offerings particularly for local retail and local wholesale sales are highlighted on the appropriate pages!

I hope to resume our newsletter, The Discerning Gardener again, very soon as the demand for it is huge! The emphasis will be on Bulbs in particular and how to incorporate them into formal gardens, wild gardens, townhouse gardens and of course containers and we do hope that this will significantly contribute towards a better understanding of bulbous plants and why they are so special as well as being a very useful guide to our customers, gardeners in general and landscapers who might have been a little unsure on how to use bulbs successfully in their projects). The newsletter will also include many articles on Daylilies & Irises.